Does Tricare Insurance Cover a Spouse for Substance Abuse?

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Does Tricare Insurance Cover a Spouse for Substance Abuse?

You feel completely helpless. Your spouse is a victim of addiction and you have not been able to stop the substance abuse. You have done everything in your power to make it end, but you don’t have that power. Only your spouse can make the choice to turn away from drug or alcohol abuse. It’s a major problem that is putting serious strain on your marriage. It’s affecting your children, your family members, and friendships. Your spouse’s addiction is getting in the way of her job performance at work. You don’t know how you can have a future together when substance abuse is in your way. The first milestone is for your spouse to admit there is a problem. If you can take that first step, the next step will be asking for help. The most important step of all will be reaching out to an addiction recovery center in order to get treatment that will be effective. If your spouse is ready to get help, you are headed in the right direction.  Now you need to find out how you are going to pay for rehabilitation services.
Will Tricare Insurance Provide Coverage for Your Spouse?

If you have Tricare insurance, residential drug and alcohol treatment services are part of the coverage that is available to you. However, the details of your coverage will depend on your plan. The length of stay and the amount of coverage may vary depending on your policy. As for providing coverage for your spouse, your spouse will be covered if your spouse is on your healthcare insurance plan. If your plan only names you as a recipient for Tricare insurance, your spouse will not be covered. Your Tricare insurance provides the same coverage and services for every member of your family that is actually listed on your policy.
What Do You Do if Your Insurance Policy Does Not Cover Your Spouse?

If your spouse is not listed on your Tricare insurance policy, you will need to find other ways to pay for rehabilitation treatment. You may find that there are special options available for financial hardship if you qualify. Your addiction recovery facility may offer financing plans of its own. A treatment plan may be available at a lower cost if you receive a referral from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. You can also look into your own options for financing, including the use of credit cards or a personal loan. If you do have to pay for rehabilitation services, remember what the cost would be if you don’t get help for your spouse.

Your Tricare and Addiction Recovery Representatives Can Help You to Find Answers

You are sure to have a long list of concerns when it comes to getting addiction recovery services for your spouse. The best thing that you can do is write down your questions and contact your representatives for your insurance company and your addiction treatment center. They are valuable resources that can clear up any confusion. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction as you prepare to get help for your spouse. Recovery takes a team approach. Your insurance provider, your addiction recovery facility, and you will be working together to help your spouse to succeed in the fight against addiction.
It’s Time to Accept a Helping Hand

You know that your spouse’s addiction is too big of a problem to handle on your own. Your spouse needs care from professionals who focus on addiction recovery. When you choose the right recovery facility, you can finally have peace of mind. Your spouse will be carefully evaluated in order to find the ideal treatment plan. The process of detoxification and therapy can begin so that your spouse will find her way back to the individual she used to be before addiction changed her life.
Our Team is Waiting for Your Call

It’s time to pick up the phone. It’s time to make that life-altering call at 877-309-3635. Representatives are ready to pave the way to treatment for your spouse. We’ll work with your insurance provider to address financial concerns. Learn what type of treatment alternatives are available in our program and give your spouse the chance to breathe easily once again. When the weight of substance abuse goes away, it leaves room for a brighter future. You owe it to yourself, your family, and your spouse to get the answers you need so addiction treatment can begin.

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