Does Tricare Insurance Work for Opiate Detox?

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Does Tricare Insurance Work for Opiate Detox?

You may feel like you area all alone as a military member going through the struggle of opiate addiction, but this is a growing problem across the country. What may have begun as a battle against pain has turned into a much bigger problem. You know that you have to stop using opiates to get through the day, but you don’t know where to start. You need professional help with an opiate detox program. You need to find a provider, but first you need to know what is covered under your Tricare insurance plan provided through the military for active and retired members.
Tricare Covers Various Services Related to Addiction Recovery


Your Tricare insurance will work to help you through opiate detox, a process you should never take on by yourself. However, you need to understand what is covered as you reach out for help. Tricare covers the following:

  • Any type of inpatient service, whether it is an emergency or non-emergency situation
  • Various outpatient support programs, including office-based treatment
  • An opioid treatment program that will provide you with medical support and monitoring while you detox
  • Residential treatment for a substance use disorder, including opiates

Your doctor can help you to determine which level of service is best for your situation.
Residential Care Provides You with the Highest Level of Support

While it is possible to detox on an outpatient basis, you will have a greater chance of success when you enter a residential addiction recovery facility for this crucial point in your life. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe during detoxification, making it difficult to resist temptation when you are facing it on your own. When you turn to an addiction recovery center where you are surrounded by supportive staff members, you will have someone to catch you when you fall. You won’t have access to opiates while you are undergoing detoxification in a safe environment. Once all traces of opiates have been eliminated from your system, you can concentrate on learning strategies to avoid problems with substance abuse in the future.

You May Qualify for Residential Care through Tricare

If you have a recommendation from your doctor, you may be able to access residential care through Tricare for detox and treatment for your addiction to opiates. Tricare can provide preauthorization for your admission to an approved treatment facility if you have been diagnosed with a substance abuse disorder by your doctor, you have symptoms that extreme enough that you need inpatient care, you’re struggling in performing daily tasks in life, or you simply need inpatient monitoring while your withdrawal symptoms are monitored during detoxification. You can reap the benefits of drug rehabilitation counseling once you are able to focus on your recovery. Tricare will authorize up to 21 days in an approved addiction recovery center. Withdrawal generally takes three to seven days. Take advantage of the rest of the time that is covered to get the counseling services that you need.

You Can Win the Fight Against Opiate Addiction

When you combine your efforts with your addiction recovery facility and the coverage provided by Tricare insurance, you can find your way to an opiate-free life. Right now, you may not see a way out. You’re trapped in a cycle of opiate use. You don’t know how to live without that drug in your system. You have tried to stop by yourself, but it keeps bringing you back. Using more has been the only way that you have managed to get through the day. It’s time for a change. Now is your chance to take charge of your opiate addiction so that it no longer gets in the way of your life. Addiction recovery is possible. Our treatment center is here to provide you the care that you need while you detoxify your system and prepare to move forward.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Opiate Detox and Rehab Programs

Reach out to our compassionate representatives at 877-309-3635 to help you to find the right opiate detox and rehab treatment for you. We can make the process easier for you as we work with your Tricare insurance team to get started. You can overcome this challenge in your life. Use the strength that brought you to the military to get the help that you need. Detoxification and an opiate-free life is possible when you use the resources that are available to you.


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