How Does Tricare Select Work for Substance Abuse Treatment?

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How Does Tricare Select Work for Substance Abuse Treatment?

You’ve come to a major crossroads in your life. You can take a wrong turn and continue down the road of alcohol and drug addiction or you can travel on the road to addiction rehabilitation with a recovery facility. Nothing good can come from addiction. It will drain all of your resources. It will place a terrible burden on those who love you. Your relationships may not survive your addiction. Your status as a member of the military could be at risk. If you have come to the conclusion that you need to overcome substance abuse, you are taking your first step toward a better life for yourself. An inpatient rehabilitation facility offers you the greatest opportunity for recovery. When you choose residential care, you will benefit from:

  • Round the clock care
  • A safe environment
  • Removal from negative influences and temptation
  • A team approach
  • Assistance through detoxification and withdrawal
  • A treatment plan that is customized for you
  • Support services
  • A community striving to reach the same goals

Before you can begin treatment, you need to find out about your Tricare select coverage and how it works for substance abuse treatment.

How Does Your Tricare Select Plan Work When it Comes to Addiction Recovery Services?

As a member of the US military, you have Tricare Select. Tricare covers all US military members in and outside the country. You need to work within its guidelines if you are considering residential care for your addiction. You will need to choose a facility that receives preauthorization from Tricare. You will also need a request for residential substance abuse treatment by your physician. In regards to any payment that is your responsibility, you can expect copays. The amount that you will pay will depend on your rank and if you are active duty or retired. Your Tricare representatives can assist you in explaining specific costs related to residential treatment for substance abuse, what is included, and what is excluded. Your addiction recovery facility can help you to navigate issues related to insurance as well as customer care representatives work with Tricare to map out your substance abuse treatment plan.

Tricare and Your Addiction Recovery Facility Want to Help You

Tricare is committed to the well-being of service members and wants to see you on the right track to healthy living. That means putting your addiction to drugs or alcohol behind you. Your rehabilitation facility has the same goal. When everyone joins forces to help you to find your way to wellness, you can achieve success. You may feel like addiction is a weight that is dragging you down, one that is too heavy for you to lift it off of your shoulders. When you have the proper care and a team of highly trained addiction recovery specialists, you can overcome the biggest battle of your life. With assistance from Tricare representatives, you can learn specifics about any expenses you have under the Tricare Select plan that has recently replaced other Tricare plans. It covers you if you are:


  • Active duty and their family members
  • Retired from the military and their family members
  • Survivors
  • Medal of honor recipients and family members
  • Activated guard members and their families
  • Retired guard members and their families


Your Recovery Begins with You

Tricare Select will play an important part in your recovery. Your addiction recovery facility will be another component of your success, but the most important piece of the puzzle is you. You have to make the decision to break the hold that substance abuse has on you. You need to choose your health over drugs over alcohol. You need to stand up for yourself. You only have one life to live and it is up to you to make the most of it. When you choose rehabilitative care for substance abuse, you are choosing to reclaim your life and the person you are meant to be. Don’t let addiction overshadow the wonder of who you are any longer. When you step into your rehabilitation facility, you will be surrounded by staff and patients that form a united front against addiction. You will be nurtured while you go through the phases of recovery, including detoxification, your counseling sessions to provide in-depth therapy, and support group meetings with others who are facing the same types of challenges that you are. As you complete each stage of treatment, you will take a step closer to freedom from addiction.

Reach Out to Our Addiction Recovery Specialists Today

If you are ready to take that journey into an addiction-free life, contact us today at 877.309.3635 . Our caring representatives will discuss your Tricare Select coverage, determine if we are on the list of providers, and work with you to find a treatment plan that will work best for you. If we are not in the network of providers, you may still be able to seek care in our facility with a difference in cost. Your Tricare representatives and our team will find answers for you.

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