If My Father Is In The Military, Can I Use His Tricare Health Insurance To Go To Drug Rehab?

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If My Father Is In The Military, Can I Use His Tricare Health Insurance To Go To Drug Rehab?

Are you facing a problem with heroin, alcohol, cocaine, meth, prescription drugs, inhalants or sex? Addiction is best regarded as a disease.
There are many repercussions of addiction

  • Addiction causes constant cravings. This leads to an incremental intake of the substance, and the result is higher levels of tolerance.
  • Wastage of time. A lot of time is spent in activities that are necessary to obtain the substance. Not forgetting the time taken to recover from the effects of substance abuse.
  • A lot of money is used. It costs a lot to maintain substance abuse and treating the addiction.
  • The addict experiences challenges in committing to interpersonal, recreational and occupational duties and responsibilities.


Treating addiction is a grueling task, but the results are desirable. An effective treatment should help the addict to halt drug use, and become a more productive member of the society.

Treatment does not have to be voluntary for it to be effective; however, it needs to address other aspects of the patient’s life. Effective treatment should confront other diseases such as Hepatitis, tuberculosis, and possible mental illnesses.
Principles for effective treatment
There is no single successful method. This is because people have different kinds of addiction. However, a combination of tactics makes treatment easier. The basic steps for successful treatment are:

  • Detoxification
  • Behavioral counseling

This helps the patient control the cravings, avoid interaction with the substance and deal with relapse. It is better at this stage for the addict’s family to come on board and be involved. It bears better results than it does in the case of an uncooperative family.

  • Medication

This is commonly used for tobacco and alcohol addiction.

  • Treatment of co-occurring conditions

These conditions arise because of withdrawal from drug use. An example of such problems includes depression.

  • Follow up. This helps you to avoid relapse.

A question that comes to mind is what does treating addiction cost? The following part of this article endeavors to answer this question. First, you must understand what Tricare health insurance is.
What is Tricare health insurance?

Treatment in the military began before the civil war. It started as a primitive medical system. Organization of medical care began during World War I. The U.S. Army Medical Department expanded and organized itself. The state of medical facilities improved. After World War II, the Department of War and Department Of Navy were merged into what is currently Department of Defense.

These changes would later bring changes for the military health service to what it currently is. The U.S. is divided into 12 healthcare regions. Each region has an administrative organization that is designated for each area, and it harmonizes health care needs in all military treatment facilities in the region. This organization is what is known as TRICARE.

TRICARE automatically covers all validly and officially registered military personnel. It also provides medical cover for immediate family members of military personnel. The beneficiaries are categorized into two. The first group of beneficiaries is the military personnel, whether currently serving or retired. The second group is the families of the esteemed servicemen.

Who is covered by TRICARE?

  • The spouse and single, unwed children of a soldier, whether active in service or retired.
  • Divorced or separated spouse who has remained single.
  • Marital dependents of soldiers killed while on duty.
  • Parents who are functionally or financially dependent on the military personnel
  • Unmarried children who are under 21 years of age

An exception is made for children over 21 years who are handicapped, and the disability was present before his or her 21st birthday.

The TRICARE Extended Care Health Option (ECHO) provides extra services to active duty family members.

Benefits of TRICARE ECHO:

  • Assistive services. These are services such as translators or interpreters.
  • In-home medical services for specific states
  • Rehabilitative services
  • Training for the use of special education and assistive technology devices
  • Transport to and from medical facilities

The above benefits are subject to prior authorization from your regional contractor for all echo services. These services are also not paid for by TRICARE unless authorized providers offer them.

Concerning the original question, yes you can. TRICARE ECHO covers drug rehabilitation. So go ahead and use your fathers Tricare healthcare insurance to go for drug rehabilitation.

Here is to your victory over addiction, health and a great life ahead.

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